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Q: Yeaaa it's hotter than hell here, it won't get cold until November or December :/

aww that stinks /: i beat the beaches and cities are nice tho

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Kendell Geers, Free Speech (2007).


Q: What's it like there? I'm from south Florida so I don't really know what seasons are like

most of the towns are shitty and there’s never anything to do 

but scenic-wise it is really pretty, especially around this time of year. the leaves are starting to change into vibrant yellows and reds. the weather is perfect also. it’s sunny and breezy and a bit chilly so you can wear boots and a light jacket. fall is my favorite season here. our winters can be pretty harsh, a lot of the time it strikes below zero and the air burns your face. the snowfall is pretty, but i’m over winter after a few short weeks. when spring comes it seems to rain for months on end, but then it starts to lighten up and the sun gets warm and the flowers bloom. our summers here are usually pretty hot, usually high 80s and 90s (which i’m sure is normal for you)

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Q: Hi!! Where are you from?

central pennsylvania, us!

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